For a happier and more empowered life

Life & Empowerment Coach

Megan Ruffino

Imagine how it would feel to work with someone who is 100% on your side helping you to bring YOUR vision of the life you really want to reality. 

When you work with me that’s what you’ll get.

I’ll help you and challenge you to reach for what you really want. I’ll help you to find and dig out those negative beliefs that are currently limiting your idea of what’s possible for your life. As your coach, I will then help you to get clarity and to take action to bring your dreams to reality. That’s what it is all about. Taking action, taking those small steps that all add up to lead you to where you really want to be.

As one of my favourite sayings says…

“Inspiration is great, but inspiration with action is so much better.” Chris Guillebeau

How May I Help You?

As your Life Coach I will become a trusted friend who wants and expects the best from you and will challenge you to perform at your best as you implement your own personal growth plan. 

Build Confidence & Shift Your Mindset

Do you lack the confidence to take action and bring your goals to life? Are you held back by limiting beliefs? Do old patterns of thought and behaviour no longer serve you? Do you find yourself sabotaging your own efforts to change? Work with me to gain self confidence and personal empowerment. We'll find and destroy your old limiting beliefs and change those self-destructive behaviours that are holding you back.

Rediscover & Reinvigorate

Are you wondering where you went? You've been busy supporting others and their dreams and you're wondering what's next for you?
Rediscover your values and dreams and come back to your centre. Together we'll assess or reassess your life goals, reinvigorate your dreams and map out a path so you can create a life you love.

Gain Clarity &
Conquer Overwhelm

Are you struggling with overwhelm and lack of clarity? Discover your WHY. Gain the clarity to set goals and to take action. Get clear on your life's mission and purpose so you can achieve what you want. I will provide you with support, encouragement and accountability, empowering you to create and step into the life you have always desired.

Forgiveness & Recovery

Do you want to create a happy and empowered future in spite of any past trauma or relationship pain?
Do you need help in supporting or recovering from a relationship with an addict or alcoholic?
Release the chains of past hurts and disempowering beliefs.
Recover from codependency and break toxic relationship patterns so you can rediscover YOUR OWN POWER & JOY.

Become Your Best You

Are you stuck in bad or disempowering habits? Our daily habits create our systems for living. Bad habits can lead to less than stellar results for our health and our lives. Changing our habits is a process. It's a step by step upgrade and is best done in an holistic way across all areas of life. Thinking holistically will help you make sure you don't end up winning in one area but losing in another. I will provide you with support, encouragement and accountability and help you find your untapped capability. Are you ready to step into the best version of yourself?

Business Mentoring & Coaching

Do you have your own business or are you thinking of starting one? You probably have a million questions and so many things on your to-do list that you don't even know where to start.
Take advantage of my 20+ years in business. I will provide you with proven strategies and mentoring, keeping you accountable and offering you structure so you can find the success you have always dreamed of.


"I could not be more grateful for the time I had with Megan as my coach. From our initial session Megan instantly put me at ease with her kind and caring nature. With her support I really leaned into taking action with my health and fitness, which has been an ongoing issue with a large portion of my life. Through our sessions I have really learnt to start loving my body which has changed my mindset and now has me wanting to eat nutritious and healthy food and working out as a way of celebrating my body instead of looking at is as a chore. Through her constant encouragement she has taught me to reflect and celebrate my wins instead of focusing on the negatives. One of my biggest take away was how I really needed to be kinder to myself and how important it is to acknowledge what I have accomplished. I always leave our sessions with a clear action plan and feel empowered and excited about my future moving forward. I could not recommend Megan more."
Brisbane, 30
Megan’s demeanour is very calming and patient, I feel safe and in a good place when we have our sessions. I feel very supported by Megan in our sessions and that I am gaining more control of my life through each aspect we chat through each week.
Sydney, 29
Megan is warm, intuitive and has a very comfortable presence. I have been totally amazed that I have finally been able to put my emotions into words ... very revealing. Under her excellent guidance I am learning to recognise destructive thought patterns, live more in the moment and practice gratitude. Working together, Megan and I have been able to develop strategies which have greatly improved my overall well-being. Thank you Megan.
Melbourne, 67

Work With Me

Work directly with me to create your best and happiest life. Book a free no obligation 45-minute Skype call so we can meet and chat about what YOU want and how I can help you to achieve it. 

As your personal life and success coach, I am 100% focused on helping you to define and create your best life and empower you to reach out and achieve your dreams. 

Book a free discovery call with me today.