Life brings you more of what you expect – The Princess Effect

Life brings you more of what you expect.

Let’s say that again. The words are very important and powerful.

Life brings you more of what you expect.

These words are why I have come to appreciate and respect the ‘Princesses’ in our midst.

Although, the label ‘Princess’ is one I now feel ashamed of assigning to women who I now see just live with the innate knowledge of this truth.

For most of my life I thought it a virtue to be a ‘make do’ kind of person, and be someone that tries to make the best of a shitty situation. But, while it can be a good thing in theory, for me it became a way of life. Living this way switched off my aspirations and, without even deciding to, I settled for and accepted less than I once thought I deserved.

I was blind to this happening. I was wrapped snugly in my martyrdom and felt righteous in my virtue of being a low maintenance woman. I allowed myself to sniff with superiority at the outrageous expectations of the ‘Princesses’ around me.

But slowly, ever so slowly I now see in hindsight, realisation dawned and my observations have shown me that my snug point of view was flawed. I came to realise that Princesses for the most part stayed Princesses and that they actually seemed to get exactly what they wanted. They never had to ‘make do’. Ever. Those around them, in fact, the whole bloody Universe, seemed to do their bidding and deliver their full expectations.

So, now in my maturity, something inside of me has shifted. While I am too old and too pragmatic to turn myself into a Princess overnight I am now confident that although I can make the best of any given situation, I no longer want to. I know it’s ok to expect the best I can imagine. So, I now expect better of myself and for myself and the funny thing is the Universe is listening.

Megan Ruffino
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