12 Date Ideas to Connect or Re-connect With Your Partner

Sometimes couples can get in a bit of a rut. Our busy lives can interfere with our relationships and we end up not spending quality time together. It’s all about work, family, bills, getting dinner ready, getting the washing done, getting the kids to their activities and on and on. If we don’t make an extra special effort to create some couple time we risk becoming disconnected from each other bit by bit and disconnection can be a relationship killer.

Here are 12 Date Ideas to help build a connection or re-build the connection if needed.  To download these in a convenient PDF enter your email address below.

1 – Go to the movies.

A trip to the movies is a great way to go out and both have fun together without having to talk too much. This is great if things have been a little strained lately and you want to re-connect without discussing any issues. Pick a movie that you both want to see so you’ll both enjoy yourselves. Add in dinner either before or after for a bonus date.

Image: Myke Simon

2 – Cook dinner together then watch a movie.

Cooking together can be fun and not the everyday chore if you organise it as a date night. Have all the ingredients on hand. Put the kids to bed early or send them to stay the night with grandparents or friends. You can cook your favourite meal or pick a recipe or recipes that you’ve never tried before and nut it out together. Doing it together is the key. Don’t have the usual cook take over or get left doing the work. Or, if one of you is more comfortable doing the cooking have the other set the table and open the wine. Put on some great music and enjoy the process, then the results of your work. Then watch a good movie together on the sofa with dessert to finish a great night in.

Image: Katie Smith

3 – Host a game night with friends.

Having a few good friends come over for an evening of fun can be a great night for all. Although it’s not a traditional type of date with you on your own as a couple it can still be a great way to connect. A few laughs with friends and having some enjoyable time together can create good memories and a stronger bond.
Some recommended group games are:

Image: Josh Appel

4 – Double Date.

Like the point above, this date idea is about having fun in a group. Double dating with another couple can be great fun and a good way to catch up with friends. It can take the pressure off you both as a couple to ‘communicate’ so you can just enjoy each other’s company and the company of good friends.

Image: Dan Gold

5 – Go for a hike.

If you and your partner are fit and health conscious you might enjoy going on a day hike together. Even if you and your partner are not into fitness a hike and picnic can be a wonderful way to get out together and do something enjoyable in nature.

Image: Christopher Burns

6 – Camp out overnight.

This is taking the last point a step further. Camping out overnight in nature is a real break from the day-to-day routine. Cooking over a campfire and then sitting around the fire enjoying the flames and each other’s company is a wonderful way to connect with each other. Then crawling into your tent for a night out in nature makes camping out a great bonding activity.

Image: Jonathon Forage

7 – Wine tasting &or craft beer tasting.

Do you have any wineries close to where you live? Or any craft breweries? Getting out together for a wine or beer tasting can be a great date. It may be an activity that you might not want to have to drive home from though so plan accordingly.

Image: Nic Co

8 – Go for a day trip.

Is there a town or national park or even friends or family who are a few hours drive away. Is there a tourist destination that you can drive to for a day trip together? A mini road trip to do something fun together is a great date for just a day.

Image: Alvin Engler

9 – Do something touristy in your own city

Be tourists in your own city or area. As everyday residents, we don’t often take the time to do the things that tourists do when they come to where you live. We tend to take those things for granted because we can go at any time, and a lot of the time we don’t ever get around to it. How long has it been since you’ve been to the museum? Visit those galleries.  Check out those places. See those sights together for a fun date and connect with each other and where you live.

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10 – Do an Escape Room challenge.

Escape Rooms seem to be popping up in cities and regional towns everywhere. They are a fun activity designed to get couples or small groups of people to work together to find clues, solve problems and discover the answer to a scenario or the way out of a structured environment. Each Escape Room will have their own theme and a session is usually 60-90 minutes in total.

Image: Markus Spiske

11 – Do something to help someone else.

Helping others can be a truly satisfying thing to do that makes you feel better just for doing it. If you and your partner can team together to help out someone else you will benefit as a couple by doing the activity together and the feeling of having done something good as a team. You could volunteer with a local charity or animal shelter or help a friend move or paint their house.

Image: Danile Chekalov

12 – Do something new together.

Trying something new with your spouse floods the brain with dopamine and norepinephrine, which are the same brain circuits that are ignited in early romantic love. This isn’t just about a new raunchy position in bed although that can be a fun date too. This idea is more about doing activities that are new and exciting to both of you. Some of the suggestions already listed could be examples. Other examples could be going skydiving together, or trying archery, or kayaking, or paddle boarding. The opportunities are endless and only depend on what you and your partner would like to do. Trying something new together will create or recharge your connection with each other in a fun and exciting way.

Image: Annie Spratt

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